Think Green

Think Green

Sustainable Quality.

We have always been an environmentally aware company.

Maintaining very high quality while respecting the environment is possible with us thanks to Trivalent Chromium.

As of 2020, in fact, we have a production line dedicated to this treatment for the ever-increasing number of customers who are sensitive to environmental issues and who do not want to renounce our quality and aesthetic elegance to which they are accustomed.

Trichrome Ice is chloride-free and offers excellent corrosion protection, homogeneous thickness distribution and excellent penetration.

Trichrome Ice is free from the harmful effects of hexavalent chromium and complies with the latest directives in the regulatory field (REACH-SEVESO).

It significantly reduces emissions into the atmosphere as it does not release chromium aerosols and significantly reduces the amount of waste produced that would otherwise have to be disposed of or contained in special landfills.

After the first few years of use and continuous testing, thanks also to the strength of our laboratory, our customers are highly satisfied, so much so that demand for this process is constantly increasing.

Chromium 3 is available in white or black.


“Every individual has the power to make the world a better place.” - S. Bambarèn

Our philosophy is to put the environment and respect for nature at the centre of our work.

All our machines are equipped with an efficient extraction system and are insulated from the outside, thus eliminating any dust or agents that are harmful to our atmosphere.

We have implemented several systems to prevent pollution and advanced abatement systems that purify atmospheric emissions and purify waste water that are constantly monitored by computerised instrumentation.

To top it all off, we built a special room in which to place the inverters that are able to transform the continuous energy of the 1492 photovoltaic panels, which we installed in 2020, into alternating energy to be used, lending a hand in the fight against environmental pollution.

Since installation to date, we have avoided 650 tonnes of CO2 and planted more than 19,000 trees.